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2015 Don Carlos Humanitarian Nomination Form

The Don Carlos Humanitarian Award is presented each year to a person, or couple, who has given outstanding service to our community, has benefited the less fortunate in lasting ways, and has made Tempe a better place to live. If you know someone who is a resident of Tempe, or who works in Tempe, and has served this community in a significant way, we invite you to nominate them for this prestigious award. * Please note: those currently serving in an elected office, or on the Tempe Community Council Board of Directors are not eligible for the Don Carlos Humanitarian Award. The award is not given posthumously. The deadline for nominations is Sunday, June 14, 2015.
  • My Nominee(s) for the 2015 Don Carlos Humanitarian Award.
  • Please describe how the nominee(s) volunteer activities and humanitarian efforts have made a significant and postive impact on the Tempe community.
  • Please describe how the nominee(s)has displayed leadership?
  • Please describe how the nominee(s) has acted as a positive role model in the community
  • Please describe the long term commitment or diversity of activites in which the nominee(s) is actively involved.
  • Please list and describe any previous recognition or awards the nominee(s) has received.
  • Email supporting documents and additional information to: cindy_kominska@tempe.gov or attach below. Please make sure to include the nominee's name on all materials.