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A primary focus for the city is to do the human service planning: identifying the needs that exist in the community, and then find agencies that would be willing to provide those services. We work with about forty different agencies and even within an agency, we might be contracting for several services that they offer. And they go from basic needs: people who are on the verge of homelessness all the way to senior programs. We have service support, promotional volunteer opportunities, so it’s really A to Z

Tempe Community Council is our partner in the community with helping to plan for services that we provide. We give out food bags here every day from about 9 to noon and we also provide emergency services to families and residents coming into the facility. And other emergency crisis programs here at TCAA

To have an organization like this really, we serve basic needs, and the core programs that a lot of Tempe residents need. Tempe has one of the highest poverty rates in Maricopa county, so all of the services that we provide really provide to the residents of Tempe with some pretty basic needs, so it’s really important to Tempe.

The family resource centers inside of the elementary schools here in Tempe are really that critical link between home and school and the larger community. The family resource centers let families know how they can help their children, how they can help their school, and how they can help themselves. I love the work I do, I can’t imagine doing anything better. I work with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. The parent liaisons here, for example, here at our family resource centers and throughout the other schools, they are just the most caring, dedicated people I have ever met, and it’s truly an honor to help them do their jobs because they are helping strengthen our community

Shared living is affordable senior housing for members of the city of Tempe. Basically it’s for somebody who lives in subsidized housing. They live in a communal living so they have the independence of their own bedroom, and they share common areas with their roommates. The response from the people in shared living has been phenomenal. They’re thankful for the opportunity to remain in Tempe, and they’re also giving back to the community. We’ve had a lot of them volunteer here at the adult day center, so they’re able to do pretty much whatever they want. It is an independent living situation, but this gives than option to stay where they want to

I was amazed when I first came in here and seeing how neat and clean it was, and then when the project director told me what they had to offer, you just about had everything at your fingertips.

The Tempe Community Foundation is actually a new activity for Tempe Community Council. What we know about giving is that it’s most successful at the local level. People like to give to other people that they know are in their community, they want to help locally, and so it gives us that opportunity to grow resources that will secure human services for today and for the future. The reaction of individuals that are receiving services is that they’re very appreciative for the services that we provide. If they need help, we want them to get the help they need b/c when families are strong they’re going to be able to support their children and their children are going to do well at school. A perfect day for me here: hearing a client you wouldn’t expect to have a good day all of a sudden say: this was awesome, I had a great day. Or just a smile. If you can think back on a time when a friend asked you to help, it’s really a privelege when you care about somebody. And to see them receive a service that gives them the information or skill or opportunity to get through a difficult time, it’s so rewarding to have those kinds of answers and have those kinds of services for people.

Financial Free Tax Prep Video
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Tonight we’re at the financial stability initiative workshops on budgeting and credit and preparing to save for the kinds of goals you have for the future. The tax preparation program began about nine years ago, and we heard from the federal government that there were a number of people not taaking advantage of a tax credit. Every community has people who are hard-working, but that earn a low wage and they oftentimes need to reach out to make ends meet. What we’re trying to do here is decrease the amount of people unable to meet their personal needs by giving them the tools to make their own money work for them and stabilize their family.
Hard-working low income families can come–individuals making under $35,000 per year or family’s making less than $55,000 per year. We will do your tax return for free, we’ll file it electronically, and then, when we see what you’re going to get back, we begin to talk to you about how we budget and how you save for the goals that you have for your family. The financial education classes are in association with the EITC tax prep. We’re wanting to make sure that the folks that get their tax returns learn how to spend their tax returns wisely give them some tools to decide how am I going to budget that money, and how about credit? Am I ready to start working on my credit score, how can I improve my credit score?
Our target audience really is low to moderate income families because people that are at a lower income level maybe don’t feel as confident talking to personal bankers about the issues that they have; just the basic budgeting. The beauty of our classes is that they’ve removed the barriers towards financial education. People would rather be at the dentist than be at a budgeting class. People don’t like to talk about money; it’s a hard topic. So we invite them to come with their families; we feed them pizza. We tell them, you know what, while you’re in class, your kids get to be in class too they’re going to be learning about the same topics—they’re going to learn about budget, they’re going to learn about credit, they’re going to learn how to spend mom’s money wisely. Now we start a family conversatio about money, and about allowance, and about choices. Somebody that we talked toe earlier said that she learned how to say no to her six-year-old at the store, because her six-year-old got to make their own choices about money.
While the tax preparation program is open to low income people, all of the financial literacy programs are open to all residents in our community. I learned about it online, and it just sounded like a good opportunity for myself and my child, because I’ve seen other finance classes that are just geared towards the parents, and I thought this would be a good combination. Before coming to the class, I didn’t have a budget, and now I’ve implemented a budget and am honest about my budget and know where my money is going and also I know what I need to save for and how simple saving is
I also use the Tempe free tax service from the city of Tempe and I always tell everybody about that because it’s the one time a single parent can get ahead. We need every single penny, so don’t give it to H and R Block, here they have a service in the city of Tempe and they’re so gracious and very nice and they really try to get you your money

We’re definitely changing lives, and we’re changing them for the better. The more families we have that are on stable footing financially and are able to support their families, plan for the future, and achieve those goals, the better and the stronger we are as a community.

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Mailbox one: You have 15 old messages.

“Hey I haven’t seen you in like two weeks, you doing ok? What’s going on? Give me a call back I’m pretty worried about you”

“Hey Mike, I’m at the workplace right now and the boss is getting kinda mad, so just let me know when you’re coming by or just give me a call or something like that. Alright, see ya later.”

“Hey Mike I know what’s going man, you need to, I’m telling you right now as a friend, you need to stop doing this. You need to stop doing this to yourself man. Alright, well, hope you get your head straight. Call me back, alright?”

Text: Drugs can ruin your life and the lives of others who love you. Don’t put yourself or them through any pain. Stay away from drugs and alcohol

Cinderella Affair
12 News Today (Video 1)

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F: Our very own Kim Covington found a free school solution and she joins us now from Tempe
K: I wish I was 16 years old again, look at this. The Cinderella Affair, celebrating 10 years of giving away free prom dresses. Look at all these free prom dresses I’m so excited. Volunteers will help give even more away this year. We’re here at the sorting site where you can see hundreds of dresses ready to be dropped off to the Pyle Recreation Center in Tempe tomorrow, where students can begin shopping for free. Joining me is the chair of the Affair, Amy Grossklaus. Thank you for being here this morning
A: thank you for being here
K: 10 years, that’s a lotta dresses
A: It is. And over the years we’ve helped over 3000 girls get prom dresses, so it’s pretty exciting
K: Why?
A: because prom is such a rite of passage for high school girls and every girl should be able to have a beautiful dress and go to prom, it’s a great memory
K: Show us what kind of dresses they can look forward to
A: Oh, we have a beautiful assortment this year. First is Mickey, right here, and she’s wearing this long, black, kind of length dress, great to dance in. And let me point out all these dresses that we are going to show today are available for the boutique Friday and Saturday so those girls can come out and look for these dresses if you find one you like. Now this is Nicole.
K: and they’re in all different sizes
A: They are. Every size from 0 all the way up to 28 and in every color of the rainbow, pretty amazing
K: Wow, so no girl shall have to be ashamed about coming here or wondering if they’re gonna have their size
A: No, and we had over 4000 dresses donated this year. We have a lot of dresses on the rack that have never been worn, still have their price tags on so it’s pretty amazing
K: And they’re not cheap
A: Oh, they are not, we have some dresses we just got donated that are $400, $800 and still have the tags, so it’s pretty amazing
K: Oh,, and how will it work Friday and Saturday, how can they shop?
A: Friday from 3-8pm at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center we have dresses available. You have to show valid high school id and Friday you have to go to Tempe Union High School District. Saturday, 9-4 it’s open to any girl in the Valley, in Arizona.
K: And we want to bring back Bree, who is one of the girls who shopped at the Cinderella affair last year, we wanna bring back all of the girls, because u had a great experience. What was that like.
B: It was amazing! There were so many dresses and so many girls, I was excited, it was awesome.
K: Now how did they make you feel?
B: They made me feel like a princess. Basically, that was awesome.
K: And no, you didn’t have to pay for anything, not even the shoes!
B: No, everything was free, there was jewelry, bags, shoes, dresses, it was all free and awesome
K: Bree, thank you so much, and the shoes, some of the shoes were donated by Nina!
A: Yes, we have some beautiful shoes donated by Nina of New York, and they are free and available for the girls on Friday and Saturday
K: So even the shoes, the purses, the dresses, look at them all free! So that starts tomorrow for Tempe Union high school students first, and then on Saturday, for students all across the state. To learn more about the Cinderella Affair, just click on links at schoolsolutions.azcentral.com. Reporting live, over in Tempe, Kim Covington, 12 News Today. I feel special just being here
S: Now Kim, Fay is calling me Captain Buzzkill because of the dress right behind you, turn right around to the one that’s short in the ruffles, ok?
F: Right behind you
K: This one? I love this dress!
S: Now if I had a daughter, UH UH, she’s not wearing that one.
K: No? She’s not?
F: That is adorable
S: Noooooo, no
K: Oh my goodness, it’s too short huh?
F: Kim, do not let him be a buzzkill, it is adorable
K: Oh my goodness, that is, this is the $888 dress uh huh, so Fay, you have good taste Fay
F: mmhmm, thank you very much Kim, thanks for having my back
K: We have some conservative dresses for you, Scott.

K: Show me what you’ve got!
A: oh, sure! First, we have Chloe here in this beautiful blue dress, and all of these dresses that we’re showing today are going to be available at our boutique on Friday and Saturday
K: That is gorgeous
A: And next is Madison in this beautiful black shimmery dress. We’re all about the sparkles
K: Look at the variety you have!
A: I know, all sizes, from about 0 to 28, and all colors, and over 3000 dresses for these girls to choose from
K: You’ve gotten a LOT of help over the last few months, putting all this together
A: we have. We had a dress drive in early February, we collected over 400 dresses, and then of course we couldn’t do this without the help of all of our volunteers, and of course Tempe Community Council, who helps us put this all together
K: So how will this work tomorrow and Saturday?
A: Friday, the event is open from 3-8, its open to all girls who go to the Tempe Union High Schools, and they just have to come in and show valid high school ID, and then Saturday, it’s from 9-4 and it’s open to any girl who goes to school in Arizona, just show a valid high school id
K: And what you’re seeing also are handbags, you have handbags and shoes that you’re giving away too!
A: Yes, handbags and shoes and wraps and donated jewelry. We have some beautiful shoes that were donated by Nina of New York. They gave us about 50 pairs of shoes, and we’re so delighted to have those to give away.
K: you’re giving away those too?
A: Those beautiful shoes for free.
K: And then Bree Lopez actually participated in the Cinderella Affair last year, what was that like for you?
B: It was amazing, there was so many dresses, so many girls, they were all excited standing in line, like just talking, everybody was awesome.
K: What kind of stress did that just kind of take away?
B: It definitely lifted off a huge weight off my shoulders because with the economy and everything, there are not a lot of girls that can go to prom because of the dresses, and it was just awesome to get a whole bunch of dresses
K: Aww, that is so much fun, I wish I was 16 all over again. Thank you all, thank you so much ladies! Come on out because the Cinderella Affair starts tomorrow and it continues on Saturday, so to learn more about how you can take part of this beautiful event, just click on links at schoolsolutions.azcentral.com. Reporting live in Tempe, Kim Covington, 12 News Today!
S: You know what Kim, Fay is still calling me like John Lithgow in Footloose about that dress behind you, that one that needs about another foot of material.
F: Ya, I was calling him
S: that was the one!
K: Look at this! This is $888
F: Isn’t that adorable?
K: It is adorable, but you know what, there are some more conservative dresses here for you, for your boy Scotty
S: If I had daughters, I’d be like uh uh. We’re going floor-length
F: Buzz kill.
S: If I had daughters, we’d go Little House on the Prairie style.

Cinderella Affair
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Well today’s smart bargain will have hundreds of Valley young ladies dressed to impress for free. Joining us now is Amy Grossklaus, who is with the Cinderella Affair. Amy firs of all, thank you for coming on, you know, I love covering the Cinderella Affair. You know, every year it’s a wonderful thing, so girls who are going to prom, they don’t have to worry about shelling out a couple hundred dollars because you’re going to tell us how they can get a dress for free. So first of all, what is, exactly, the Cinderella Affair
The Cinderella Affair is a joint project between the East Valley Women’s League and the Tempe Community Council, and basically the event lets any high school junior or senior come out to our event, Friday March 25, Saturday March 26, and basically pick out a prom dress for free.
Ok, why?
Because what happens is that there’s a lot of girls in the valley who can’t really afford a prom dress. You know, mom and dad are out of work, or prom has gotten so expensive that you know, you go into that mall now, prom dresses can be about $200, $300, and so we basically take that onus off of them, that worry off of them, and they can come out and select from thousands of dresses, every size from 0 to 28, every color, for free
Ok, that’s beautiful, I have to say, but what are the requirements for the girls to get a prom dress?

All they have to do is show valid high school ID. On Friday, it’s open for girls who go to the Tempe Union High School district from 3-8pm, and Saturday it’s open to any girl in Arizona. You just come, stand in line, we give you a ticket, you come in, you show a valid high school ID that you’re a junior or a senior, that’s important, junior or senior, and then you can come in and pick out a dress for free
Now, these dresses are donated, right? Some of them are gently used? And some of them are actually brand new?
Basically, we have a dress drive going on right now, and it goes through February 20th, and we have over 60 locations all over the valley, everywhere from Anthem to downtown Phoenix, it’s awesome. Basically what happens is people come and drop off their dresses, at the collection locations, and we take them in and we sort them, and we get them ready to actually take them out to the boutique. And yeah, we gave away over 2000 dresses between last year and the year before, so we really need people to bring us their stuff, this dress drive is really important to us
Ladies, after you’re done with the prom, maybe you can donate your dress to this wonderful cause. I have to say, I remember back in the day, I always covered the Cinderella Affair, and it was this little, tiny little thing in the basement in Tempe, and now it’s just grown, and it’s wonderful because it’s just such a great chance for girls to be able to go to prom, even if they can’t afford it, so some really wonderful stuff. And again, can you repeat to me one more time where the event is going to take place?
The actual boutique itself is Friday, March 25 and Saturday March 26. Again on Friday, it’s open for girls who are juniors or senior in Tempe Union High School District, and Saturday it’s open to any girl in Arizona who’s a high school junior or senior, and that day it’s open from 9-4
Ok, fabulous, and we’ll have all the detailed information on our website, so there ya go, some great prom dresses, so now you have no excuses for not having a great time at prom, and we’ll be right back in just a bit.
Thank you