Frequently Asked Questions


 2020 Don Carlos Humanitarian Awards Ceremony & Live After-Party Video Chat
 October 14, 2020
 Please plan to log in early so yo don’t miss any of the event:  

      5:50 pm Pre-Ceremony Video Clips – Past Humanitarian Moments
      6:00 pm Ceremony
      Immediately following ceremony – Live After-Party with Awardees

 Event viewing page: (not available till after October 7)


When will I get my access code/s and how?

Username and access codes along with viewing instructions will be emailed by end of day Tuesday, October 13UPDATED INFO

Please contact Cindy Kominska at 480.858.2310 or if you:

        • Do not receive your access code info by 8 am, Wednesday, October 14.
        • Do not have all your participant emails at the time of purchase and want access codes emailed to the individuals.  Any extra codes purchased without emails will be sent to the purchaser to disseminate as desired.

What do I do when I get my access code?

Test it out.  Go to (available after October 7).  You will be able to enter the site to the lobby of the event site, see where the presentation will be projected on October 14, view the program and other available options including where you will be able to chat and congratulate awardees after the ceremony.  

        • A chat feature is available throughout the event to allow you to connect with attendees explore the chat features, how to view the attendee list and personalize your settings.
        • Set up your profile, include your picture.
        • When signing in, click the “remember me” option for quick access the night of the event.
        • Check out all the rooms and tabs.  Check out the lounge and where you will be able to click and congratulate awardees live in-person.
        • Go to the Auditorium viewing screen and manipulate the screen to go full screen for maximum viewing of video.  Hit escape to back out.  

Can I share my access code?

Unfortunately, no.  Your access code will be only good for one device at a time.  If your access code is shared, the person who signs on first will have access to the site.  This is true if the access code is attempted to be used on two devices at one time, even in your own home (i.e., Smart TV and an iPad, phone or second TV).   The first device signed on with the access code will need to be shut down before another device can gain access.  This access code can be used multiple times to gain access before the event to test connection, as well as after the event should you want to view the ceremony video multiple times.  The access code will be valid up through October 31, 2020.  The live after-party chat option is only available immediately following the event on October 14.  

What if I am not available on October 14 at 6pm to view the ceremony?

No problem.  By purchasing an access code allows you to view the ceremony up through October 31 after its initial presentation on October 14 at 6pm.  Your access code also gives you access to the viewing site prior to the event to view the event program and other options only available to those with an access code.  The only option not available for viewing after October 14 is the live after-party video chat.  After October 14, your access code allows you to view the ceremony video multiple times if you desire.     

What if I have problems accessing the night of the event?

We will have live help available that evening.  All the details will be posted on this website or on the event webpage at by October 12.  Once you receive your access we encourage you to test it out and ensure you are able to enter the site.   


What will I need to do to access the live after-party video online chat?

For full audio and video, you will need a device with a camera and microphone.  This could be your iPad, tablet, phone, personal computer, or any other device with a camera and microphone.  The experience is similar to a Zoom meeting where you can see everyone and talk together. 

Each awardee will have their own location on the event site page you can pop in and out of to visit online.  As in Zoom experiences, you will be able to chat with other community members, or directly to the awardee in addition to or in place of online video.  This live after-party may take up to five minutes to become active following the event.   

Note:  If you are viewing the event ceremony on a Smart TV, but then later want to switch and join the live after-party video option from your iPad, phone or PC which has a camera and microphone – remember you will need to first close/shut down access on your TV or other device you were using to view the ceremony before being able to access the event site through a different device.   

What if I don’t have a camera for the after-party?

You can log out of the device you are using to watch the event and log in with a phone or tablet that has a camera if you would like to appear in video at the after-party.  Or, you can continue to listen and watch on the same device you use to view the event and participate by posting to the chat.  


Because there is available chatting throughout the event and live online interaction after the event, we are posting some general Code of Conduct guidelines.  It is not anticipated there should be any concerns for our guests, however a staff member will be moderating chat.  Please report any issues as noted in the  guidelines.  

To allow for awardees to be comfortable and receive their deserved attention, we do ask that conversations with awardees be celebratory in nature, and refrain from any private/personal/family-related  conversations during the live after-party.     


If opted to receive a local restaurant gift card as part of your ticket purchase, gift cards will be mailed to purchaser within two weeks from the date of purchase. If you do not receive your gift cards by this time, please contact us.   

What restaurant gift cards are being mailed?

A variety of Tempe restaurants opted to participate in this special option to provide our Don Carlos guests.  These participating restaurants are still being secured as ticket purchases are made.  Cards are mailed at random to ticket purchasers and cannot be pre-selected.   It is our hope you will enjoy the mystery option of your gift card and will further expand your support and patronage to these small businesses. 

Why did TCC choose to offer a restaurant gift card?

Our first thought was to try and make this event as close to the wonderful community event we have had for many years which included dinner.  We also wanted to help support our Tempe local businesses and Tempe tax dollars which help boost our economy and support our human services nonprofit agencies funded by City of Tempe tax dollars distributed each year through Agency Review

What if I do not want a restaurant gift card?

When you purchase your ticket, there is an option to elect to not receive the gift card.  The value portion of the ticket will then be utilized to support the services and programs TCC offers to Tempe residents including  free tax preparation, Threadz teen clothes closets, and Triple P parenting classes.  This extra support will also help cover the new event costs of honoring our awardees deserving of recognition whose self-less giving service are helping those in need and helping inspire others to emulate kindness and care to others.