Access to Services

Tempe Community Council values the diversity, inclusion and equitability of its work force, volunteers and those served through our programs and services as well as services provided by any agencies funded by TCC.  TCC does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.  TCC embraces the spirit, as well as complies with the legal requirements, of all federal, state, and local laws governing civil rights, accessibility and fair employment practices.

We  strive to ensure all individuals can obtain and receive access to our services and will work to provide reasonable accommodations where possible.  View our our organizational statement on equity, diversion and inclusion as well as our mission and values here.


Anyone needing accommodations due to a disability or language assistance, requests can be made by contacting us via email at or calling 480.858.2300.  Two weeks advance notice is requested.  See 2024 Free Tax Preparation Access Info for specific requests for this program.      

2024 Free Tax Preparation Access Info

The Internal Revenue Service has made changes to help ensure inclusion, accessibility and access is available for all taxpayers to receive assistance.  Please read their IRS Taxpayer Accessibility Guide and Language Access for Taxpayers with Limited English Proficiency Frequently Asked Questions.  For language assistance other than English, IRS supported translation services are available at the Tempe tax site in 2024.  Reasonable accommodation requests due to a disability including sign language interpretation can be submitted at time of event, and a one week advance notice is needed.


Any questions, recommendations, feedback, or additional info needed, contact us at 480.858.2300 or Email >


Should any potential violation of discrimination or your civil rights be violated, complaints can be submitted to our organization (see contact info info above) or through the Arizona Office of Civil Rights.