Triple P – Positive Parenting Program ®


What is Triple P?

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is one of the world’s most effective parenting programs. Triple P works by giving parents the skills to raise confident, healthy children and teenagers, and to build stronger family relationships. It also helps parents manage misbehavior and prevent problems occurring in the first place. But it doesn’t tell people how to parent. Rather, it gives them simple and practical strategies they can adapt to suit their own values, beliefs and needs.


Rudeness and Disrespect
Wed., June 12, 5:45–7:45 pm, Tempe Public Library
As teenagers make the transition from childhood to adulthood, many parents feel their teenagers become less respectful towards them.  Parents may find this change upsetting, and it can lead to conflict between parent and teenager. In this discussion group we will talk about ways to help you manage rude and disrespectful behavior and develop a positive relationship with your teenager.

Taking Drugs
Tues., June 18,  5:45–7:45 pm , Tempe Public Library
Some teenagers use drugs to help them feel relaxed and confident, or for a mind-altering experience. Many drugs are illegal, highly addictive, and expensive.  This can result in teens having contact with police and the courts. Drug use can have a serious impact on health, relationships, job opportunities and other adult activity. This discussion group will focus on ways to help you help your teen deal with the pressure they may experience to use illegal drugs.

Friends and Peer Relationships
Wed., June 19, 6:00–8:00 pm, Escalante Multi-Generational Center
Peer relationships become increasingly important during the teenage years and parents may feel that they are being pushed aside.  Parents need to adjust to this increasing influence of peers by developing a different sort of relationship with their teenager.  Social events provide important opportunities for teenagers to mix with peers.  This can be a source of conflict between parents and teens. In this discussion group we will talk about how to deal with the challenges you may face with your teen and their relationships with their peers.

Thurs., June 25, 6:00–8:00 pm, Escalante Multi-Generational Center
Smoking can make teenagers feel more grown up. Tobacco advertisers often show smokers as being attractive and fun-loving.  Many teenagers value these qualities and cigarettes are easily obtained.  Smoking is a serious risk to health, is highly addictive and is expensive.  This discussion group will give you some suggestions to help you deal with the pressures your teen may experience to become a smoker. 


What is Group Teen Triple P?

A broad-based parenting intervention that is:

  • delivered over 8 weeks
  • for parents of 12-16 year-olds interested in promoting their pre-teen/teenager’s development and potential
  • for parents who wish to address concerns about their teenager’s behavior

The program involves:

  • five (2-hour) group sessions for up to 12 parents
  • Three individual sessions (between 15-30 minutes) with the Triple P instructor
  • active participation in range of exercises to learn about
    • influences on adolescent behavior
    • setting specific goals
    • using strategies to promote a teenager’s skills development, manage inappropriate behavior, and teach emotional self-regulation
  • how to plan around risk-taking behavior and risky situations.

Who can sign up?

Parents or caregivers who:

  • have concerns about their teen’s mild to moderate level behavioral problems
  • wish to prevent behavioral problems from developing
  • have completed lower level interventions and have not achieved the goals 
    they want
  • can commit to all eight sessions.

Find a Class

TCC and the City of Tempe partner to bring together their Triple P specialists and classes to offer one-stop place to find classes for parents with children of all ages.  

Group Teen Triple P
Elementary Age (offered via the City of Tempe website)


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