Tempe Coalition

To reduce underage drinking and drug use

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Reduce youth risk behaviors and promote health and wellness through awareness, education, advocacy and connecting to community resources.


All Tempe youth are living at their full potential.


Tempe Coalition is comprised of local residents and professionals who live and work in the community and strive to collectively improve the city of Tempe by advocating for the reduction of alcohol and drug use among Tempe youth.

Members of the Coalition represents a wide range of community sectors including: business, media, law enforcement, schools, substance use providers, youth, parents, youth serving organizations, civic groups, healthcare professionals, governmental agencies and faith based organizations.

Tempe Coalition is a proud member of the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) and winner of the 2013 CADCA GOT OUTCOMES! Coalition of Excellence Milestones Award.

In partnership with Tempe Community Council, Tempe Coalition is funded by a grant from the federal Drug Free Communities Support Program.


As part of the grant, Tempe Coalition operates a separate website at www.tempecoalition.org.  Visit this site for more information and how to become involved.

Program Contact

 Hilary Cummings
Tempe Coalition Program Director