Tempe Community Foundation


2023 Tempe Community Foundation Grant


In 1992 the Tempe Community Foundation Endowment Fund of the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) was established in order to create a permanently endowed fund that provides financial support for human services programs and for other endeavors that would enhance the quality of life for residents of Tempe, Arizona. Today the endowment has grown to more than  $1 million and has allocated over $100,000 to numerous human service agencies serving Tempe residents. This process was previously overseen by a Board of Advisors.

In 2022, a significant change was made to this Fund to further enhance the support of human service programming in Tempe. 

  • Oversight of Tempe Community Foundation fund raising and grant making is provided by the Tempe Community Council (TCC) Board of Directors. Specifically, grants are received and reviewed by the Community Impact Committee and recipients are recommended to ACF for funding after approval by Tempe Community Council Board of Directors for funding.
  • A second non-endowed fund – the Tempe Community Foundation Collaborative Fund – was created which allows distribution of any part of the fund to support human services programming. This secondary fund will further enhance the ability to fund special programs/services requests that could not be supported through the Tempe Community Foundation Endowment Fund which is limited to an annual distribution of only 5% of the fund.

Types of Grants to Be Funded

Prior to sending out the request for proposals, the TCC Community Impact Committee will review the 2021 Tempe Comprehensive Human Services Needs Assessment and the feedback obtain from the TCC facilitated Community of Practice convenings. The Board will consider the funding of the following grant type.

  • Collaboration Grant – The Board will dedicate up to $50,000 annually for up to a two-year period to support the implementation of a collaborative program/service that meets the eligibility requirements listed below. It is expected that one such grant would be supported each year.  Second year funding will be dependent on demonstrating successful progress during the first year.  Collaboration is defined as intent to commit resources as described in the proposal, should the proposal be funded. This should go beyond accepting referrals from the lead applicant.

 (NOTE: In order to have adequate funds to support these grants and/or any additional grants that may be determined appropriate, monies from the two funds will be combined for purposes of the grant awards.)


To be eligible a grant applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • The lead grant applicant must be a not-for profit entity that provides human services programs or other types of services in Tempe to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Tempe.
  • Grant application focus is on an innovative program/service focused on mental health, and/or substance abuse and/or wellbeing. Collaboration between at least 2 agencies is required and both must be nonprofits.
  • The grant application must be directed at only serving residents of Tempe (i.e., Valley wide proposals will not be considered)
  • The grant applicant must demonstrate how they will ensure program sustainability in the period beyond the grant funding period.
  • Any program that has received past TCF funding is ineligible to apply for a grant for the same program for three years.

Grant Application

  • Grant overview and summary.  
  • All questions will be asked via the online application below.  
  • Letter(s) of Commitment for Collaboration (no more than three) but must come from collaborative partners (to be uploaded into the online application).
  • Download BUDGET FORM to complete, save and upload in application below.

Grant Evaluation Criteria

Proposed program/service:

  • Meets grant eligibility criteria (see above).
  • Has demonstrated a critical need in the community based upon data from the 2021 Tempe Comprehensive Human Services Community Needs Assessment and Community of Practice convenings.  
  • Is innovative and/or has proven track record of success.
  • Is unique/unduplicated in Tempe.
  • Has qualified and experienced staff, and necessary administrative infrastructure.
  • Promotes community partnerships and collaborations.

Proposal Timeline (3 months)

  • Community Impact Committee meets December 2022 to review RFP including funding amounts and targeted programs/populations. Subsequently RFP is finalized and RFP notices are distributed on February 16, 2023.
  • RFP proposals to be submitted. Deadline March 15, 2023 at 4pm AZ time.
  • The Community Impact Committee will review and evaluate all the RFPs by March 26. 2023. Interviews may be conducted on a select group of applicants to determine the finalists. Recommendations will be submitted to the TCC Board of Directors for approval on April 17, 2023.
  • Awardees notified and sent to ACF for fund distribution April 21, 2023.
  • Grant funding to begin on or about May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024.

Reporting Requirements

  • All grant recipients would be required to submit a final report 45 days after the end of the grant period.  This would be a simple one-page document – summarizing the grant activities and some of the key outcomes and/or challenges.
  • An interim report or site interview would be used to determine eligibility for second year funding. 
  • In addition, site visits may be conducted by TCC Board members mid-way through the grant period.


Contact tccinformation@tempe.gov or 480.858.2300