Tempe Coalition

Celebrating Champions for Youth


Tempe Coalition is seeking nominations for three different awards to recognize outstanding community members and an organization at their 4th annual Celebrating Champions for Youth event on November 18, 2020.  


  • Advocate – An organization who advocates for programs, policies, laws to help provide Tempe youth with an environment where they can live to their full potential.
  • Inspiration – A community leader (e.g., educator/counselor/coach) who has inspired Tempe youth to live to their full potential.
  • Protector – A first responder who works in Tempe, with exemplary service advocating tirelessly to provide a safe environment where Tempe youth can achieve their full potential.  


Eligible nominees are adults/organizations who have taken action or provided a service which has made a significant impact to reduce youth risk behaviors and promote health and wellness through awareness, education, advocacy and connecting to community resources.

    • Nominee’s service or action must directly impact youth who live, work or serve youth within Tempe city boundaries 
    • Organizations or individuals who serve as a role model for youth to achieve their full potential in life; striving to make Tempe a better place for youth
    • Can be a one-time event, ongoing service or simple act of kindness
    • Does not serve as a member of Tempe Coalition or a board member of Tempe Community Council 
    • Cannot be a current appointed or elected official of the City of Tempe or serving a Tempe school governing board

The award recipient and their nominator will be notified on or before October 15, 2020.  Awardees will receive an award and certification of recognition and be honored at the 4th annual Celebrating Champions for Youth event on November 18, 2020.  


Contact hilary_cummings@tempe.gov or 480.858.2316.


Complete the online form below. 

It is recommended the nomination information be created in a Word document then cut and pasted onto the nomination form. 

Ensure all areas marked “required” are completed and upon sending, a submission acknowledgement is displayed.  

NOMINATIONS DUE October 5, 2020