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Tempe Community Council

Tempe Community Council (TCC) brings our community together – including government, nonprofits, faith groups and residents – to provide support to Tempeans in need, to plan for present and future needs, and to build a lasting foundation for future generations.

TCC and the City of Tempe are partners in a continuum of coordinated services to enhance the lives of Tempe residents, particularly those most in need.
Tempe Community Council provides:

•    Youth Development and Dropout Prevention Programs
•    Support for Seniors and Aging Residents
•    Financial Literacy Education and Tax Preparation Services
•    Stewardship of funds to move people from crisis and to self-sufficiency
•    Human Service Referrals
•    Research and Planning of Human Service Issues and Policy
•    Volunteer & Advocacy Opportunities
•    A Culture to Build Philanthropy


TCC is committed to building a community that:

•   Cares for and about each other
•   Appreciates diversity in its people and ideas
•   Fosters and respects resident input
•   Works cooperatively and respectfully with stakeholders
•   Is efficient and effective with resources

Tempe Community Council’s staff and consultants serve a 30 member volunteer board of directors.  Volunteers establish policy, identify programs, and work with the staff to implement programs in the community. Read more about Tempe Community Council’s mission and history.


Agency Review
One of Tempe Community Council’s primary functions is serving as the Human Services Commission for the City of Tempe.  TCC staffs a 45 member agency review volunteer panel made up of community representatives that annually reviews grant applications from nonprofit organizations.   Types of funding include: City of Tempe General Revenue, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Together Tempe (formerly Help to Others).  Recommendations are forwarded to the Mayor and City Council for final approval. Funded agencies are monitored by TCC throughout the year.

Community Information and Referral
Tempe Community Council serves as a local resource to inform Tempe citizens of current human services issues.  TCC works in conjunction with a variety of local, government, faith and nonprofit agencies to coordinate a continuum of services for Tempe.

Special Projects and Events
Tempe Community Council manages a variety of human service programs, like: Commitment to Schools, Youth and Families, Financial Stability Initiative, and Open Horizons. TCC is also dedicated to promoting and honoring those who give so much to our community through the  Don Carlos Humanitarian Awards and connecting community at Care Fair Tempe to offer a fun community event for al ages where residents can obtain information from organization for resources if they need help or want to offer help through volunteerism.  In 2017, TCC completed a community-wide human services needs assessment.

Tempe Community Foundation
Tempe Community Foundation is a permanent endowment managed by the Arizona Community Foundation. TCC has committed to growing the resources of Tempe Community Foundation to address human service needs in the future. Financial contributions in the form of cash, bequests, securities, trusts, personal property and life insurance from individuals and corporations in our community are helping to fund human services for the years to come.

Volunteer Opportunities
TCC educates and advocates to the Tempe community to encourage human service and civic engagement to give back to those less fortunate.