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Affordable Housing

An opportunity to meet, network and share information and resources relating to affordable housing in Tempe and the surrounding area.

Useful Links

City of Tempe’s Affordable Housing Listserv

The City of Tempe’s Affordable Housing listserv is a limited public forum. Acceptable subject matter for the Affordable Housing listserv includes: educational and partnership opportunities, invitations to related meetings, and other appropriate information concerning affordable housing in Tempe and the surrounding area. Please be aware that this listserv will be monitored and any non-related subject matter will be omitted.

Rent and Mortgage Assistance

Appointments by telephone only: 480.350.5880
For utility assistance, call Thursdays at 8am.  For rental assistance, call on the first Friday of the month at 8am.  Must qualify for assistance through telephone pre-screening. For information on applying for Telephone Assistance Program (TAP), appliance repair/replace, and the Weatherization Program, call:  480.350.5880 x 7