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Our History and Mission

No matter where we live, all of us want to connect with others. These connections are how we turn the large and anonymous around us into personal, meaningful lives. Tempe Community Council helps build the connections between us all to strengthen the fabric of our community.

Serving the community since 1972, Tempe Community Council (TCC) is committed to addressing immediate and long-term human service needs in Tempe. A nonpartisan organization, TCC serves as a means for individuals and organizations to work together to identify and plan for needed human service programs in our community. Our unique model of including residents to make decisions is an example of what makes Tempe a great city.

Our Vision:

TCC nurtures Tempe’s sense of community where children, seniors, families and individuals care for and about one another

Mission Statement:

TCC’s mission is to connect those in need with those who care. TCC does this by; convening community, conducting research, determining priorities, implementing effective programs and exemplifying prudent stewardship of resources.


TCC is committed to building a community that:

  • Cares for and about each other
  • Appreciates diversity in its people and ideas
  • Fosters and respects resident input
  • Works cooperatively and respectfully with stakeholders
  • Is efficient and effective with resources

Tempe Community Council’s staff and consultants serve a 30 member volunteer board of directors.  Volunteers establish policy, identify programs, and work with the staff to implement programs in the community.


TCC was formed to give Tempeans a central place to discuss needs for human services and ways the needs could be met. TCC incorporated and received its 501(c)(3) tax exemption in 1976 and became a United Way agency soon thereafter.

TCC is dedicated to working in partnership with the City of Tempe, community organizations and dedicated individuals to serve as planner, researcher, advocate and resource to advance the human services in Tempe for all our residents.

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