Humanitarians of Our Community

Young Charles Hayden

Charles Trumbull Hayden “Don Carlos”

Since 1984, TCC has presented the Don Carlos Humanitarian Awards to honor those who have dedicated their lives to giving back and caring for others. Considered one of Tempe’s most prestigious distinctions, all of our Don Carlos recipients are shining examples of how this city takes care of each other.

Who is Don Carlos?

The award is named after Tempe’s founder, Charles Trumbull Hayden – known affectionately by the Spanish pioneers as “Don Carlos” – who spent his life working to help those in need. The Don Carlos Humanitarian Award embodies Hayden’s legacy and spirit, and is considered one of Tempe’s most prestigious distinctions. Winners of this award exemplify true humanitarianism and have made Tempe a better place for everyone.

Don Carlos Humanitarians

1984: Dr. William Payne
1985: Leonard Monti Sr.
1986: Margaret & William Kajikawa
1987: Jinnett B. Kirk
1988: Peggy Bryant
1989: Eliza Carney
1990: Naomi Harward
1991: Mimi & Mac Bohlman
1992: Virginia Tinsley
1993: Betty & John Waters
1994:Pat Hatton
1995: Lawn Griffiths
1996: Rudy Campbell
1997: Bobbie & George Overby
1998: Sue & Bob Lofgren
1999: Carol E. Smith
2000: Sue Searcy
2001: Zita Johnson
2002: Bobbie & Don Cassano
2003: David B. Cutty
2004: Joseph P. Spracale
2005: Jane & Dick Neuheisel
2006: Gail Fisher & Mel Kessler
2007: Linda Spears
2008: Pen Johnson
2009: Sue Ringler
2010: Catherine May & Dan Abbott
2011: Alice & Ralph Goitia
2012: Harry E. Mitchell
2013: Kerry Fetherston
2014: Neil G. Giuliano
2015: Raveen Arora
2016: Shana Ellis
2017: Kathy Stevens
2018: Christine Kajikawa Wilkinson
2019: Christine Hoddy Busch
2020: Harold “Woody” Wilson
2021:  Margaret Hunnicutt
2022:  Cliff Jones

Guiding Light Philanthropy Award

The Guiding Light Lifetime Achievement in Philanthropy Award was created to honor those who exemplify the spirit of giving through extraordinary support of the Tempe community.  Tempe Community Council believes it is important to recognize the members of our community who have a direct impact on the success of human service programs here in Tempe through their generous financial support.  Though this award may or may not be presented on an annual basis.

2008: Tempe Diablos
2009: Arte Moreno
2010: Jerry Brock
2012: SRP 
2013: Ramsey Social Justice Foundation
2014: Kiwanis Club of Tempe
2015: Avnet, Inc.
2016: East Valley Women’s League
2017: APS


The Spirit of Tempe Karma Volunteer Award

A Spirit of Tempe Karma volunteer is recognized at each Don Carlos Humanitarian Awards event. The essence of Tempe Karma focuses on the concept that one drop of kindness has ripple effects throughout the community for generations to come.

Young Humanitarian Award

A Young Humanitarian is recognized at each Don Carlos Humanitarian Awards event and provided a $2000 scholarship provided by local philanthropists Jenny Norton & Bob Ramsey. The Young Humanitarian Award recognizes a graduating senior who has either provided service in Tempe or is attending school in the city of Tempe, who is a budding humanitarian who has already shown leadership and service to community.  In previous years the award was also named the Young Hayden Award.

Past Event Photos

2013 Don Carlos Event
2014 Don Carlos Event
2015 Don Carlos Event
2016 Don Carlos Event
2017 Don Carlos Event