Funded Agency Success Stories

Human Services Funding — Changing Lives

Read about just a few of the success stories from clients who have benefited from services available thanks to Tempe’s human services funding distributed in 2018-19.  Good things are happening and making a difference for many in our community.  Check back periodically for additional inspirational testimonies from other agencies and their programs.

A New Leaf:  East Valley Men’s Center

New job, new place to stay, new start!

A client who was homeless, living in his car, came to East Valley’s Men’s Center after he sold his car and ended up sleeping on the streets. Without a high school diploma, he struggled to get a job but didn’t have the money to pay for GED classes that he wanted to peruse. After a few weeks at A New Leaf he was able to secure a job as a cook during the day and a second job at a fast food restaurant at night. This client was able to save $1,500 which he used to buy a used car to help him get to and from work and used the remaining money to pay off his debt. With an eviction on his record he had a hard time finding an affordable apartment to rent. At the time he was looking for an apartment a former resident of a New Leaf was looking for a roommate to help with living expenses. The client was thrilled to learn about this from his case manager and gladly accepted the offer to have a room of his own.

Ability360:  Tempe Home Accessibility Program (THAP)

Finally feeling independent at home!

Ability 360 was excited to share the success of a special project. With this project, Ability 360 removed a standard bathtub from the home of a gentleman who had difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub due to the increased possibility of slipping and falling.  Ability360 installed a roll-in shower for the elderly gentleman and now he is able to bathe independently without the assistance of his wife. Both are very thankful for this new shower.

Area Agency on Aging, Region One: Tempe Community Fund Home Care Program

Elderly woman provided assistance so she can stay in her home!

A sixty-year-old woman has been receiving housekeeping services for the last four years. She is blind and has many health issues. Since receiving the housekeeping services, she feels safer in her home, has had no recent hospital or emergency room visits. She is thrilled that she can remain independent in her home safely.

Best Buddies International, Inc.:  Friendship Program

A new friend for life!

A statement from the ASU Chapter Vice President, Emma Sonderman, on how Best Buddies and her buddy, Justin, have impacted her life:

I had the honor of meeting Justin my freshman year at Arizona State University. I was new to school and felt something was missing from my life when I heard about Best Buddies. I applied and was paired with Justin. Little did I know how this would impact my life. Justin and I instantly clicked. His love for music and adventure was tremendous. Throughout that year I came to know more about Justin. Through learning more about Justin’s dreams and aspirations, many action movies, several losses in bowling, and lunches at Whataburger, Justin became someone I could count on for a good laugh and warm smile. My cheeks often hurt from smiling so much! Now in my second year of college, Justin and I are buddies again and have done so much! We endured the Polar Plunge in order to raise money for charity and I love going to watch Justin play guitar in his bluegrass group. These first two years in Best Buddies ASU have been nothing short of extraordinary. Justin has taught me to slow down and take each day one at a time, always be patient, and see the good in every situation. I am hopeful and excited for the future of our friendship that all started because of Best Buddies!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona (BBBSAZ)

More than a big sister!

Melissa first met Cheyanne and her mother 7 years ago when she was first matched with Cheyanne to be her big sister. Cheyanne was shy and didn’t say much at their first meeting. Melissa mentioned her love for food and fitness, then casually mentioned she’s married to an Executive Chef for a resort and that she enjoys making desserts. It must have piqued Cheyanne’s interest, because she then passed a note to her mom saying she liked Melissa and wanted to try to cook something together. Melissa has seen many changes in Cheyanne since they’ve been matched – almost too many to list! Cheyanne is still very committed to graduating high school and starting her career early by applying for EVIT and was accepted! Melissa has seen her handle difficult situations with patience, confidence, and respect not only for herself but for others involved. This January, Melissa was awarded as Big Sister of the Year for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona and just shows how much of a rewarding program it is for both the Big and the Little.