Agency Review

Target Population Information

Tempe Community Council’s grant allocation process known as Agency Review, partners with the City of Tempe to provide funding to address human service needs in the community.  Prioritization for this funding is given to the six target populations listed below.

Beginning with the first update on Ending Homelessness for Individuals and Families, additional informational updates will be developed for each of the target populations over the coming months and presented to Tempe’s City Council and community.  The informational updates will address each area of human suffering, the essential work that nonprofit community partners are providing, a point-in-time look at the agencies’ efforts to address the growing challenges, highlight meaningful outcomes, and provide suggestions on what kinds of support is needed to combat emergent challenges partners are facing due to the pandemic and the economy.

Informational Updates

  • Homelessness – Ending Homelessness for Individuals and Families 2020
  • Children and Youth
  • Individuals with Disabilities
  • Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • Seniors/Older Adults
  • Working Poor Individuals and Families

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