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About Agency Review

One of the most public roles of Tempe Community Council (TCC) for the past 32 years has been to distribute human services funds on behalf of the City of Tempe, known as “Agency Review.”

What makes this process unique – a true community effort – and much more than simply a grant process, is that TCC mobilizes interested volunteers, who work and/or live in Tempe, to bring Agency Review a human touch.  For the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017/18, TCC worked with 55 volunteers, who dedicated an estimated 20 hours each over a three month period, to reading and evaluating human services proposals, interviewing respective agencies and making funding recommendations to the City Council.  This process is arduous, eye-opening, complex and rewarding for everyone involved.  Click here for full report.

Information for Volunteers

Help Us Support Our Mission.  TCC is seeking volunteers interested in participating in this review process.  The time commitment includes three to four days over a two month time period in addition to proposal reading time.

Agency Review is a valuable experience which provides a unique perspective on the needs of our community.  Consider being a part of this community process.

If you are interested in participating in this volunteer experience and live or work in Tempe, please complete this volunteer interest form or contact us at tccinformation@tempe.gov.

Additional information:  Agency Review information packet for volunteers.

In addition to volunteering for Agency Review, please see our other volunteer experiences.

Information for Applicant Agencies

Click here for information on how to apply for human services funding available for fiscal year 2018-19.