The Don Carlos Humanitarian Award is Tempe’s most prestigious award, presented each year to a person, or couple, whose commitment to our community has impacted many in need.  The community is invited and encouraged to submit nominations.   


Individual or couple who is currently or has been a Tempe resident or works in Tempe who has given outstanding service to our community, has benefited the less fortunate in lasting and significant ways, and has made Tempe a better place to live.

Those currently serving in an elected position or on the Tempe Community Council Board of Directors are not eligible for the Don Carlos Humanitarian Award.  This award is not given posthumously.   

Award Announcement & Presentation

Recipient selected will be announced early August 2019.  The award will be presented on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at the 36th Annual Don Carlos Humanitarian Awards dinner and ceremony.


Nominations for 2019 have closed.   All recipients selected for the 2019 Don Carlos Awards will be announced in August and presented by Tempe Community Council at the 36th Annual Don Carlos Humanitarian Awards Ceremony & Dinner, on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. 

Nomination Tips

The Don Carlos humanitarian award is the most distinguished presented annually.  Click here for helpful tips for writing a humanitarian nomination.


The selection process for the humanitarian award is unique and upholds the integrity of the award.  The awardee is selected by an extensive and fair process; involving numerous community members.  The Don Carlos humanitarian award process consists of two separate committees – one for screening and one for final selection.  Membership of each committee are drawn by lottery from three separate pools of community members which include past Don Carlos award recipients, past TCC board members and current TCC Board members after all known conflicts of interests (based on the nomination) have been removed.   The screening committee reads and scores all the nominations.  Based on final scores, three to five finalists are then reviewed and scored by the selection committee.  Members of the selection committee meet for a final review of all scores, discuss the candidates and, by consensus, make a final recommendation of the humanitarian award recipient.  Final approval of the recommendation is made by the TCC Board of Directors.   


Nominations for 2019 have closed and will reopen in spring 2020.