All tax services will require an appointment (except do-it-yourself or international or non-resident student tax returns)

In-Person:  By appointment ONLY!  No walk-ins will be accepted.  Requires tax client to bring tax documents and required information to tax site.  Taxes will be prepared on-site by volunteer tax preparers.  Client must be present to sign for e-filing.  Face masks encouraged but not required at this time.

    • From calendar below, select dropdown option for Location:  Gracie’s Village – Community Room
    • In-person appointments are available Mondays & Wednesdays (1-6pm) and Saturdays (8am-Noon), Jan 30-Apr 15, 2023
    • If appointments are available, the date in the calendar will a bold font and dark blue in color.

100% Virtual:  By appointment ONLY!  All tax preparation transactions will be done electronically.  Client uploads intake forms, ID and Social Security information, and tax documents.  Volunteer prepares return and reviews with clients.  Client will e-sign tax return before preparer files electronically.  Client is responsible for printing and maintaining their copy of the tax return.  Learn more about how the virtual tax service process works and Intake Form needing to be completed in advance. 

    •  From calendar below, select dropdown option for Location:  Virtual / Remote Access 
    • Virtual Only appointments are available Tuesdays (4-6pm) and Thursdays (7-8:30 pm), Jan 31-Apr 13, 2023
    • If appointments are available, the date in the calendar will be a bold font and dark blue in color. 

Do-It-Yourself – Available 24/7, do-it-yourself options are free for those who are income-eligible.  Two online programs available to complete your own return are: or IRS Free File Partners

International/Non-Resident Students Please do not schedule an online tax appointment.  Click here for information on assistance offered for international students to file tax returns. 



Appointments for 2023 will become available on the calendar below JANUARY 17 at 8AM.  If date box appears empty after January 17 on appointment dates, then no appointments are available.  However, check back periodically for possible openings due to cancellations or visit this IRS website link and enter your zip code to find other free VITA tax site nearby. 

All appointments (In-Person and Virtual) will not be displayed on the calendar all together – use the dropdown option in “Location” field to show appointment availability for each of these tax services. 

NEW FOR MARCH – IN-PERSON SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS ADDED! –  Additional in-person appointments for Saturdays only in March are now available.  To access these added appointments and have them display on the calendar below, select “Added Saturday Appointments” from the drop-down option from the “Services” field.   Make sure “Gracie’s Village” option is selected for the “Locations” field.

Upon successful booking of an appointment you will receive a confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folder if it does not appear in your inbox within 15-30 minutes.

If you did not receive a confirmation message, there may have been an error or required information not completed and your appointment may have not been booked.

Note:  Only one email can be used per client to make an appointment.  (Though the system may accept the same email for more than one appointment and sends two confirmation emails, only the last appointment made with the duplicate email is accepted and overrides the first appointment scheduled.)

If you need to make an appointment for more than one person who needs an additional tax return in your household, a different email must be used.  Couples do not need to have two appointments, two different family members in a household such as a parent and adult child filing separate returns, will need to have separate appointments.


We work to ensure all taxpayers can participate in and receive the benefits of our tax programs and services.  Visit our ACCESSIBILITY INFO page.   Any accessibility requests require two weeks advance notice. 

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